Chapters in books

B. Bohman & D. Langlet, “Float or Sinker for Europe’s Seas? – The Role of Law in Marine  Governance”, Chap. 4 in K. Kern and M. Gilek (eds), Governing Europe’s Marine Environment: Europeanization of Regional Seas or Regionalization of EU Policies?  (Ashgate, 2015), 53-73.

D. Langlet, ‘Minerals as Scarce Resources: the Quest for Secure and Sustainable Supply’ in  Ebbesson and others (eds), International Law and Changing Perceptions of Security  (Brill/Nijhoff, 2014), 202-224.

D. Langlet, ”Export av farliga kemikalier: rättsutveckling i gränslandet mellan miljöskydd och handel” [Export of Hazardous Chemicals: Legal Developments at the Overlap between Environmental Protection and Trade], chap. 10 in Koll på kemikalier? (Iustus, 2010), 267- 300.

D. Langlet, ”Appendix: En ny växtskyddsmedelsförordning och ett direktiv om hållbar användning av bekämpningsmedel” [Appendix: A New Biocides’ Regulation and a Directive  on Sustainable Use of Pesticides], chap. 6 in Koll på kemikalier? (Iustus, 2010), 155-162.

P. Mielnicki & D. Langlet, ‘Damage Caused by GMOs under Swedish Law’, in B. A. Koch (ed.) Damage Caused by Genetically Modified Organisms – Comparative Survey of Redress  Options for Harm to Persons, Property or the Environment (De Gruyter, 2010), 559–591.

D. Langlet & M. Schultz, ‘Economic Loss Caused by GMOs in Sweden’ in B.A. Koch (ed.)  Economic Loss Caused by Genetically Modified Organisms (Springer, 2008), 475-488.

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